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AI - All In?

Artificial intelligence? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Especially given the fact that the concept of intelligence is artificial itself…Speaking of which, one has to state, that, as of yet, despite the numerous attempts by so many a brilliant, intelligent (sic!) minds – to say the least – there is no one and only undisputed and self explanatory definition of intelligence. Hasn’t it always been good practise of any scientific approach to start off with a sound and non-contradictory definition of its object of desire? And if it is not yet clear what intelligence really is, wouldn’t it be – artificial – to postulate another form (apparition) of intelligence? Yes, it sound very academic and may be we don’t have time for this…but consider this: If an investor has, say, 500 Mio. $ to spare and would consider to give it all to that new AI-star shining at the (artificial) horizon and if that same investor would ask you at the donation dinner party what AI actually is, what would you answer? Well…If you bear with us and check back soon, we at EYD Consultants will be able to provide you with that 500 Mill. $ answer!

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